Energize your Self-Care Routine with Epsom Salts

Life is a remarkable thing. It’s filled with opportunity, excitement, and adventure. Unfortunately, life can also be filled with some not-so-good things. All that excitement can turn into stress, and all those adventures can take a toll on your body. If your sore muscles, skin, and soul are feeling a little worn down, Epsom salt can help. Unlike table salt, Epsom salt is rich in magnesium, a mineral long known to improve mood, ease pain, and help your complexion. These are just a few of Epsom salt’s superpowers:


Relief from bug bites and stings

Improved healing of sunburns and scratches

Natural, environmentally-friendly exfoliation

Soothing relief from sore muscles and back pain

Accelerated improvement of eczema and other skin irritations

Elevation of serotonin levels, resulting in improved mood 


So how can we add Epsom Salt to our self-care routine? LA Salt has compiled a bundle of fun ideas below to energize any self care ritual! 


  • Battling dry, itchy, or irritated skin? Help it heal with a soothing salt spray. Mix 2 tablespoons of salt with one cup of water in a spray bottle and apply to any affected areas. To combat everything from bug bites, to sunburns, to chapped skin, keep a bottle on hand for all-season skin care. 


  • Need a hair refresh? Excess oil and heavy hair products can leave your hair feeling lifeless and dull. Bring back the bounce by combining an even mix of Epsom salt and your favorite conditioner. Apply all the way to the roots and relax. After 20 minutes, rinse and enjoy your voluminous, revitalized locks.


  • Pucker up! To polish and plump dry lips, add a few tablespoons of salt to shea butter, cocoa butter, or sweet almond oil and apply to lips. Gently rub them together for up to one minute, then rinse to reveal softer, supple skin.


  • Feeling sore or tired? There’s no better way to enjoy Epsom salt than by immersing yourself in a soothing salt bath. Add two cups of the powerful mixture to your bathwater to create a restorative salt soak to ease sore muscles and calm every nerve. Close your eyes. Be present. This time is for you. 


If you’re loving your Epsom salts already, you can take your salt soak experience to new heights with our Friday DIY project- homemade bath salts! Questions? Ask away, and the answer may be featured in our next post. 

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