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We grew up right here in Los Angeles, but despite the sunshine, we both noticed that everyday stressors were starting to weigh us down. When we learned that magnesium deficiency could explain our frustrating symptoms, we began a self-care routine that included soothing salt baths filled with magnesium. In a matter of weeks, we both felt happier, stronger, and healthier, than we had in years. We created our all-natural products to help others experience the same amazing benefits that we did. We hope they bring you as much health and happiness as they've brought us!

Much love,
Jaza & Sana

Our Mission

We created LA SALT CO because consumers deserve to know exactly what's in the products they're using, not what companies want them to believe. We develop all of our formulas ourselves, right in our in-house lab.

Each and every one of our ingredients is sourced with care; we even visit our suppliers to check their quality standards firsthand! That way, you can trust that what's on the label is exactly what you're getting, and we can trust that you'll love our products.

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