Homemade Bath Salts

What’s better than slipping into a steaming salt soak at the end of a long week? Slipping into a soothing salt soak made by you, for you, of course! This is one DIY that’s easy, inexpensive, and super fun to make. It includes just a few ingredients, and the recipe is easy as pie to double, or even triple! When it’s this good, why not share? 

Soothingly Scented Homemade Bath Salts


Each ingredient in this recipe is there for a reason. Dead Sea salt has remarkable healing properties, soothing everything from eczema to dry skin. Meanwhile, epsom salt washes away your aches and pains and brings a sense of calm to your bathtub, while baking soda softens the water and reduces skin irritation. Last but not least, essential oils pack in some powerful aromatherapy, while a hint of food coloring brings your bath salts to life. 


How to Make It

Step 1: In a large mixing bowl, combine the course Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda.


Step 2: Add in a few drops of a calming essential oil. You can choose your favorite scent, or pick one that’s made just for relaxation. Lavender is a popular choice, but clary sage and chamomile are effective, too. Bergamot is another soothing scent that smells a lot like a cup of Earl Grey tea!


Step 3: If you’re not going to use your new bath salts right away, store them in a closed container to keep moisture from getting in. Voila! Now you can make your very own bath salts whenever you’re in need of a little homemade rejuvenation. 


Make it Your Own

Bath salts are one of the easiest DIY projects to experiment with. You can play with the scents, colors, or add a flair of your own. For example: 

  • Add dried rose petals for a luxurious experience
  • Instead of mixing just one color of bath salt, make a few different batches and layer them in a mason jar. You can make a rainbow, an ombre-sunset, or a holiday-themed set. 
  • This is one DIY that’s simple enough for kids of all ages to help with. Whip up a batch together and turn it into a family spa day! Soak feet in a large bowl of warm water and homemade bath salts for 15 minutes, then follow up with pedicures. 
  • Personalization adds a special touch to handmade gifts. After you fill up a mason jar with salt and pop on the lid, use a little twine or ribbon to tie on a gift tag. In it, write when it was made and the special scent blend you chose. Don’t forget to sign off with, “made with love”! 

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