How to use massage stones

Heat it or chill it

Warm up a massage stone in the microwave for about 30 seconds, over low heat on a skillet, or a heating pad. Our Himalayan salt stones can hold heat for over an hour. Do not heat excessively as injury may occur. Alternatively, store it in the fridge for cooling relief.

Alleviate tension while soothing tired muscles

Once the massage stone is at your desired temperature, gently roll it along your neck, shoulders, or anywhere you need a little tlc! For tired feet, place two stones on the ground and gently roll under your feet, or press onto them with your feet to release tension. For back relief, add a few drops of massage oil to the stone and gently roll down your back. As the stone works to release tension, it also gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth.

All-Natural Deodorant

Simply wet the stone, rub it against your hands, and gently rub your hands on delicate areas such as underarms. This process leaves a layer of salt against skin which prevents odor causing bacteria from forming.

No Cleaning Necessary

Simply wiping the stone with a damp cloth keeps your massage stone clean while restoring shine. If the stone is very oily, use a non-toxic cleaner to wipe excess oil. Please do not store the stone in a wet place or rinse with water; the salt will dissolve.  


For massage on neck and other parts of the body, applying directly to the skin may cause irritation if the surface is abrasive, rub the stone onto a wet cloth first before applying to skin.