How to use Skin Hydration Ritual

Hydrate in a Mineral-Rich Bath: 1400 Below Dead Sea Salt soothes dry, irritated skin while moisturizing to a smooth, soft finish. Maximize hydration by combining it with a few drops of Isla Bonita Body Glow Oil and/or Pink Sand Coco Soak in a warm bath. 

Smooth Skin and Moisturize in the Shower: Our skin-softening Isla Bonita Body Polish gently buffs away roughness to reveal smooth, radiant skin. After exfoliating, lock in the ultimate hydration with our Isla Bonita Body Glow Oil.

DIY Coco Scrub: Create your own coconut scented body scrub by adding a few pumps of Isla Bonita Body Glow Oil to a handful of Pink Sand Coco Soak and gently massaging onto damp skin.