We love to get to know our customers, so it’s only fair that our customers get to learn a little about us, too! Not too long ago, and despite being young and healthy, both of us battled depression and anxiety. While prescription medications can be effective, they can also come with serious side effects that we wanted to avoid. Along our road to self-love and healing, we discovered something interesting.


Magnesium deficiency is relatively common, yet few people realize they have it. Deficiency can cause everything from fatigue and insomnia to muscle pain and depression. We had to test our theory and were astounded at the results. After beginning a self-care routine that included soothing magnesium baths, our aches, pains, sleep issues, and stress levels all remarkably improved. What else could natural healing remedies fix, we wondered? We had both suffered from eczema for years. Was it possible that simple salt could help that too? After soaking in Dead Sea Salt, we can happily say the answer is yes!


One product can’t fix every health problem, of course. On our healing journey, we combined numerous healthy practices to restore our physical and emotional health, but along the way, we realized that quality salt can be a perfect tool to add to any self-care arsenal. We wanted others to experience the wonderful benefits that we experienced ourselves, and so LA Salt began. At LA Salt, each ingredient is mindfully selected to nourish our customers (and theirs!) inside and out.


We hope our products bring you as much health and happiness as they’ve brought us!


Jaza and Sana Shaikh