Himalayan Pink Salt: Soothing, Safe, and Sustainable 

A big part of LA Salt culture is transparency. We believe our customers deserve to know exactly where our products come from and how they’re produced, from start to finish. The production of any salt product comes with inherent risks, so we went all the way to Pakistan to confirm that our salt is sourced sustainably, safely, and responsibly. Here’s what we learned. 



The mining of pink salt is no modern discovery. Himalayan pink salt is as old as the mountains themselves, created when the ancient seabed was forced upward. The salty treasures trapped within were discovered around 326 BC, when one of Alexander the Great’s soldiers realized the rocks surrounding their camp were salty. From that point, historians believe the salt was mined sparingly until much later, when engineers learned how to mine salt more safely. 

Despite how long ago pink salt was discovered, it is eons away from running out. LA Salt sources all our Himalayan pink salt from the Khewra salt mine, the largest of the six mines in the area. While roughly 400 thousand tons of salt are harvested there each year, the mine contains an estimated 6.7 BILLION tons- enough to last centuries. If mines were expanded, the supply could be nearly endless. 

Although the salt is extracted using explosives, our manufacturer’s revolutionary cleansing process ensures that lead and other heavy metals are thoroughly removed, leaving behind nothing but pure pink salt.  


Salt-mining is an art. To protect the safety of mine workers, an architectural system is used called the “Room and Pillar” technique. Only half the salt in each “room” is mined, while the rest is left to create a strong, supporting column. This maintains the stability of the mine as it slowly grows. 

Because of the unique process used in the production of our salt, each grain is pure and safe to consume. Because the salt mines were originally opened up with dynamite, traces of lead and other heavy metals may still be present on the surface of the salt. Our manufacturer is the only one in Pakistan to use a special cleaning technique to remove these harmful contaminants, leaving behind nothing but pure, chemical-free salt. The crystals are never refined, so they are just as rich in minerals as the are in color. They actually contain more essential minerals than any other kind of salt- 84 in total!


We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, but we also aim to take care of the global community. As a prized commodity, salt has the power to bring jobs and security to communities all along the Salt Range. Working in the mines is a significant piece of Pakistan’s history, and it continues to allow the towns there to grow. In addition to visiting our suppliers all the way in Pakistan, we work with them closely to be sure the workers who contribute to our products are paid fairly and treated fairly- medical coverage, assistance with education, and plenty of opportunities to advance. No unethical practices like child or slave labor. Just good, clean salt that’s friendly to both people and the planet.